We are Oracle NetSuite implementation partner and authorized for licensing and professional services for CRM, HRMS, Analytics, Accounting & Finance. Our NetSuite cloud consulting includes services such as NetSuite Implementation, Integration, Customization and Support cum Maintenance.

Oracle NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers a modern, scalable solution to run all of your key back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud.

Being the most efficient cloud-based ERP, Oracle NetSuite ERP solutions have prominent global acceptance. NetSuite Cloud ERP Software services involve no hardware, no large and upfront license fee, no maintenance fees associated with hardware or software, and no complex setups.

About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower people and organizations by offering cutting-edge software solutions that reduce complexity and boost output. Through user-centric design, innovative innovation, and a relentless pursuit of quality, we hope to provide outstanding value to our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global provider of software services recognized for its persistent dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and constant innovation. We aspire to be the go-to partner for businesses looking for innovative digital solutions that foster expansion, effectiveness, and achievement in the context of a fast-changing technology environment.

Our Leadership

Mr. Aravind has great creative abilities, which are demonstrated by his capacity to inspire and motivate his team to collaborate towards common objectives. He exhibits an in-depth understanding of software development processes and project management approaches due to his strong technical and managerial experience.

Because of his keen attention to detail and strategic thinking, Mr. Aravind and his team able to finish projects on schedule and within budget. His exceptional interpersonal skills promote productive interaction with customers and other stakeholders, which increases satisfaction with customers.

Services / Expertise

Oracle NetSuite Accounting & Finance
  • Accounts Payable/O2C
  • Accounts Receivable/P2C
  • Order Management
  • Dunning Letter Configuration
  • Inventory Management
  • Finance Management
  • Advanced Revenue Management
  • Suite-Tax Setup & Configuration
Oracle NetSuite ERP
  • Implementation & Configuration
  • Customization
  • Administration
  • Production Support
  • Account Optimization
  • Advanced PDF Customization
  • Data Migration
  • Integration
Oracle NetSuite HRM
  • Employee Management
  • SuitePeople
  • Payroll
Oracle NetSuite CRM
  • Customer Service Management
  • Relationship Management
Oracle NetSuite Analytics
  • Reports
  • Custom Dashboards
24 x 7 Support

Accurate information of work. Visualization achieved through the board.

Case Studies

Case Study 1
Client Overview:

American specialty retailer that has been operating airport retail and duty-free facilities. In addition to the typical duty-free assortment of tobacco, booze, sweets, and cosmetics, there is a strong focus on fashion and luxury.

Problem Statement:

As the client has retail locations all over the globe, it was challenging to process/update the cash remittance information in NetSuite on a daily basis because more than 10,000 transactions needed to be updated from a third-party server.

Solution Provided:

In order to capture the transactions from the previous day, a scheduled backend process was created in NetSuite that will safely authenticate to the third-party server every day. Data will be transferred as a CSV file from a third-party server to the NetSuite system via the scheduled procedure or job. The automation we developed will automatically create a Cash Remittance record in NetSuite once a CSV file containing the details of the previous day's transactions has been saved there.

Benefits to Client:
  1. No manual intervention is required, and human mistake is eliminated.
  2. Aided the company in maintaining the accuracy of its NetSuite data.
  3. Time was saved because records will be automatically created by the backend procedure.
Case Study 2
Client Overview:

Enterprise work management software on the cloud is offered by an American software firm. The company provides software tools that help businesses organize, control, and carry out tasks.

Problem Statement:

Due to the lack of standard features in system for the bulk email, the client ran into issues trying to send emails to each customer individually. The client wishes to notify the customer in bulk about new software and updates from NetSuite.

Solution Provided:

Developed an email portal and custom email template that allow you to deliver emails to a large number of users at once. Clients can choose the template they want to use, and features like the ability to select/deselect all customers with a single button click and the ability to attach multiple files have been introduced.

Benefits to Client:
  1. Assisting the customer in choosing bulk emails with the fewest clicks.
  2. Assisting in the selection of the appropriate custom design.
  3. The capability to upload numerous files as attachments.
Case Study 3
Client Overview:

In addition to its web-based PR and Earned Media Software as a Service (SaaS) suite, the USA-based multinational business that deals in public relations and earned media also owns online publicity and media services.

Problem Statement:

The cash application team is unable to correct the variance at the moment of payment posting when a customer underpays an invoice. It will cause a problem in the AR Aging reports if an item as tiny as a penny dollar is left open.

Solution Provided:

Based on specific business use cases, a custom Short-Pay button was created on the Invoice transaction. Upon clicking the button, the backend process will create the custom Short Pay Journal Entry transactions and apply them to the relevant Invoice. While the Payment record is created, it can be adjusted with the Invoice.

Benefits to Client:
  1. Since the short-pay adjustment procedure has been automated, there won't be any mistakes made by people or interventions from people necessary.
  2. Assisting in the selection of the appropriate custom design.
  3. Supports in keeping the AR Aging report organized for the company.

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